What's My Palm Coast Home Value?

What is my Palm Coast home value?  This is the most asked question I get before I list a home for sale. 

Getting the current market value on your home in Flagler County, FL takes a lot more work than a computer generated estimated value that may or may not have any bearing on what the market will dictate.

We see all the time, homeowners who think their home is worth a certain number because of an auto-generated report. In most cases, they are not to be relied upon as true value of your home.

Not only do I go through a comprehensive pricing process, I look at the inside and outside of your property, look at what an appraiser would look at in terms of closed sales near you, pending sales, actives and expired listings.

The automated market value reports do not take the expired properties and canceled properties into consideration for value.

Contact me today for a confidential meeting.  There is no charge for us to meet and and discuss what I do to sell your home. You can either call me at 386-589-9037, click to all the same number below, or fill out the form below and it will go to my email inbox. 

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